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Managing Pennsylvania Tax Jurisdictions

Use this window to configure the 1040 for up to 99 specified Pennsylvania tax jurisdictions.

  1. Open Dashboard, click Configuration on the navigation panel, and then click Settings and defaults under Firm.
  2. Click Tax on the navigation panel.
  3. Click Pennsylvania Cities on the navigation panel.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Create a new record. Click New to open a new record.
    • Modify an existing record. Click Open to display and edit the selected record.
  5. Enter information for the tax jurisdiction in the various areas in the upper section. ClosedExplain the components of the window.
  6. Enter the tax collecting agency mailing information in the Tax collecting agency mailing address section.
  7. Enter the tax collecting agency mailing information in the Estimates: tax collecting agency mailing address section. This option applies to tax years 2013 and higher.
  8. Click Due Dates/Rates to enter due dates and rate information.
  9. Click Save to save changes or Cancel to exit the window without saving.

Some options described may not be available based on your installed products and your assigned rights. If you have a question about access, see Managing Access or contact your system administrator.

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